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How do you create the right types of interaction for your audiences of which 90% you never meet?

Finally, I can spread the word. is live, the virtual brand & candidate experience booster is ready, tested and I couldn't be happier with two fantastic brands as launching customers. A year ago work left the office and a lot has happened since then. COVID-19 changed the way most of us work, meet, collaborate and virtual talent attraction and candidate experience took a flight and became more important than ever. Luckily the technology was with us and brought me something new.

If you don't see the problem it is difficult to come up with a solution

The last months have been challenging, busy and extremely valuable to me at the same time. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that we are able to break through traditional patterns in the workplace and encouraged me, even more, to continue working on my virtual solution to help organizations create the right types of interaction, touchpoints and brand experiences for the talent they would like to attract and retain.

Nearly 60% of all candidates have had a poor candidate experience and 72% of those candidates share their bad experience online or with someone directly.

Starting a business from scratch and unexpected home-schooling on the side for more than two months was challenging. Teaching my 7-year old son math and grammar made me a better listener, more patient and made me realise again that if you don’t see the problem it is difficult to come up with a solution. Something similar I have seen happing over the years with many companies who struggle to connect (brand) strategy, with employer branding and day-to-day practice. But how many times have you gone to a professional conference, started a project, attended a training and heard lots of great ideas, theory and best practices while none of them is implemented? That will not happen this time.

To attract talent you need to speak to their motivations and not your own

Brains think of companies not as objects but as people. Every time someone engages with your brand, they are asking you: “Who are you? Tell me about yourself, Show me something more.” To attract talent you need to speak to their motivations and not your own. Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) reflects your employer identity and promise to talent. Your eyes catches how you bring your message across. But how the brand connects with people through every single touchpoint in the talent journey is essential for growing your brand. How you make people feel at moments that matter most to them is the story they will share with others directly or online. Working abroad, scaling up technical and commercial organizations, being part of Global HR, Branding and Corporate Relations departments learned me to breakdown silo thinking within organizations by people-driven innovation. I am focussing on the candidates journey first instead of the internal process.

Understanding your target audience and their expectations are key for improving it

Over the last months, I have developed and tested a virtual program to help individuals and teams create the right type of interactions, touchpoints and brand experiences for target groups and (potential) candidates of which 90% you never meet or hire. This workshop is designed for organizations who struggle with aligning their company brand strategy, with employer branding and day-to-day practice. Unlike a conference or training, you won’t have to worry about figuring out how to start your strategy the other day. That’s because you already have your candidate journey blueprint ready and a crystal clear overview of your candidate journey high- and lowlights, validated solutions on how to improve them and guidelines on how to pitch your story and solution to your management team or management board.

You will not receive a certificate but we turn your (employer) brand strategy, via digital post-its and target group insights, into a consistent and engaging candidate experience design you can work with the other day. By designing memorable brand experiences we grow your employer brand organically. The technology we use enables us to work remotely, regardless of location, and encourage us to collaborate with people from other countries, departments or teams. It will be intense but fun, trust the process. It works. Read more at

About me

I'm Bjorn, owner and founder of I am an experienced (Interim) employer brand, EVP & recruitment project manager specialized in international employer brand design and Go2Market strategies. I help purpose-led organizations with the design, development and activation of their employer branding and talent attraction strategies. By creating memorable brand experiences, flawless talent journeys and a consistent digital footprint, I make talent 'click' along their digital journeys and help you elevate employer brand performance and accelerate talent acquisition efforts. I am Dutch-based, worked abroad, operate internationally and ready to make your employer brand story travel and lead talent to your seat.

Questions? Feel free to ask, send me an email, WhatsApp, give me a call at +31 (0)6 22206820 or let's chat via I am available for interim assignments or consultancy.

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