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Two-day (Virtual) Candidate Experience & Employer Brand Booster 

How do you create the right types of interaction, touchpoints and brand experiences for (potential) candidates of which 90% you never meet? 

TELL ME MORE... | Bjorn Luijters in conversation with clients about employer branding and talent marketing
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Fasten your seatbelts. During this 2-day Virtual Employer Brand & Candidate Experience Booster, we turn your (employer) brand strategy, via digital post-its and target group insights, into a consistent and engaging candidate experience design. By designing memorable brand experiences we grow your employer brand organically. The technology we use enables us to work remotely, regardless of location, and encourage us to collaborate with people from other countries, departments or teams. It will be intense but fun, trust the process. It works. 

THIS IS YOU... | Bjorn Luijters EVP coaching
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  • This practical workshop is designed for individuals and teams who would like to put their employer brand strategy into day-to-day practice. 

  • Individuals and teams, involved in talent acquisition, marketing and employer branding in corporate, SME and start-up environments

  • Decision-makers in purpose-led organizations with a people-centric way of working

  • Innovation minded professionals who would like to put employer brand strategy into practice, insights into ideas and ready to implement and validated solutions.

THIS IS WHAT WE DO... | EVP workshop with clients | working from strategy, via post-its, to a memorable candidate experience
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Understanding your target audience and their expectations are key for improving it. We work together to create the right types of interaction, touchpoints and brand experiences for your target audiences and (potential) candidates. We will not create your EVP, because that is something you already have, we will be focussing on EVP activation and delivery throughout the journey. Together we close the gap between your business strategy, (employer) brand promise and the candidate experience.  

THIS IS HOW WE DO IT... | bjorn virtual conversation via Ipad
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We use a strategic narrative to create a compelling story and to identify the most important stakeholders. We gather target group-specific insights throughout in-depth interviews, structure the outcomes, generate lots of ideas on how to improve their experiences and turn ideas into ready to implement and validated solutions. We invite the best thought leaders in the field to take a seat at the table during the ideation phase and help us design the best experience, challenge the status quo, our solutions and sharpen them. You know what works best within your organization and together we prioritize the solutions that boost candidate experience and drive a lot of employer brand value. 

WHY VIRTUAL... | Workshop conversation |to attract talent you need to speak to their motivations, not your own
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Covid-19 brought an unprecedented disruption in the world we live and work in. We had to reinvent ourselves, break the rules, find new ways to connect, collaborate and innovate. Luckily the technology was with us and brought us something new. The virtual collaboration platform we work with enables us to work virtually, regardless of location, and encourage us to collaborate with people from other countries, departments or teams. Instead of travelling the world, we will be more efficient, flexible and inclusive. If you sign-up for the premium version you will receive your own virtual environment which enables you to continue the collaboration with your teams after the workshop. We make the world of work, work. 

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  • How to align your brand strategy with your employer brand positioning (employee value proposition) and people/talent promise

  • How to scope (employer branding) projects successfully

  • How to identify and manage multiple stakeholders with different interests

  • How to capture the thoughts, emotions and identify moments that matter most to your target audiences (candidates)

  • How to generate out of the box ideas, that boost candidate experience and drive a lot of employer brand value, by breaking the rules and challenging the status quo

  • How to rapidly structure ideas into validated solutions, pitch proposals and convince stakeholders

  • How to optimize each interaction and touchpoints to build candidate loyalty and elevate your employer brand performance throughout the entire journey

  • How to attract new candidates by managing touchpoints in their entire journey.

WHAT YOU’LL GET... | Talent Marketing Coaching
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Unlike a conference or training, you won’t have to worry about figuring out how to start your strategy the other day. That’s because you already have your candidate journey blueprint and compelling story ready. We mapped out your stakeholders, target group persona and moments that matters most during the workshop. This resulted in a crystal clear overview of your candidate journey high- and lowlights, validated solutions how to improve them and guidelines how to pitch your story and solution to your management team or management board.

POTENTIAL IMPACT.. | Conversation with client about employer brand design, development and activation
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  • Organizations with a strong employer brand see a decrease of 43% in cost per hire

  • 84% of employees consider leaving their current jobs if another company has a better reputation 

  • 67% of job seekers would accept a lower salary if a company has positive reviews online 

  • Organizations who excel at employer branding strategies have  62% more business revenue than those who don't

  • 88% of millennials believe that being part of the right company culture is important

  • A strong employer brand leads up to 50% more qualified candidates

FROM STRATEGY TO EXPERIENCE... way of working how to build an employer brand
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Brains: Employee Value Proposition

The brain represents how the brand is defined, its value and its proposition in the talent market. 

Eye: Employer Brand Communication

Your story, look, style and tone-of-voice come together in your communication assets and communication strategy.

Heart: Employer Brand Promise Delivery (BOOSTER) 

How the brand connects with people through every single touchpoint in the talent journey is essential for growing your brand. This is where the VIRTUAL Booster comes in to play. 

There is a booster plan for everyone and every organization has a story to tell. What's your story?  

Feel free to ask questions (NED/ENG) via the chat or schedule a 30 min slot in my calendar.

Basic Booster for teams

All you need is your team. Take a seat with 3 collegues and create the right types of interaction, touchpoints and brand experiences for your target audiences. Results will be provided as a download (Pdf)

Basic Booster can also be used for teambuilding sessions (max 3 persons) and + EUR 750,- EXCL VAT for an additional seat) 

Excl. VAT

 € 4.250,-

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Premium Booster (exclusive) for


Take a seat with 4 collegues and the candidate journey will lead us. Work in your own virtual environment which enables you to continue the collaboration with your team after the workshop. You will be more efficient, flexible and inclusive. 


Premium Booster is also available as an programe or individual coaching. Timeslots spread over multiple days possible  (+ EUR 1250,- EXCL VAT)  

Excl. VAT

 € 6.750,-

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Virtual Classroom (coming soon) for individuals

Your personal development budget well spend. People in the virtual classroom (max 4) are facing the same challenges – trying to do as much as possible with limited resources.​ 

Claim your seat and receive a message as soon as the Virtual Classroom is available. We will be working with a case which reflects your candidate driven way of working.    


Excl. VAT

 € 1.499,-

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